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It is always a good idea to hire a professional when you need assistance with a garage door seal in Ottawa. Priority Garage Doors carries different types of high quality and effective bottom weatherstripping for whatever type of garage door you have, residential and commercial. 

Garage Door Seal Replacement

All garage doors come with a bottom seal to keep out water, wind, dirt, and unwanted intruders. These seals however can break down over time and if you’ve noticed water, dirt, or rodent droppings in your garage, there is a good chance the problem can be traced back to your garage door seal. In some extreme cases, the concrete floor or driveway apron under the door can shift, crack, or settle, creating large gaps under the door that standard seals cannot cover. 

Priority Garage Doors will replace the rubber pieces fixated to the bottom and sides of your garage door. The main purpose of a garage door seal is to keep debris and rain from entering your garage. Weatherstripping also offers increased interior comfort, lower utility bills, and reduced noise. There are 5 main types of garage door seals but each provides the same benefits. When our technicians arrive at your house, they will assess the situation and determine which seal replacement is best for your garage door.

Different Type Of Garage Door Weather Seals

Vinyl Door Stop with Integrated Weatherstrip

This is a great option for doors that have old, rotted, or damaged door stops that need replacing. Typically, the vinyl will be nailed into the wood in order to provide a watertight seal from top to bottom.

Bottom Seal / Door Sweep

Bottom seals are the most effective type at keeping your garage clean. The flexible material covers the gap along the floor, preventing water, dirt, cold breezes, and rodents from entering. There are four types of garage door bottom seals: J-type, T-type, bulb, and beaded. If your garage door is closed but you can still see daylight peeking through below the bottom, this is a sign your bottom seal needs replacing. Another tell is homeowners may experience a draft or see water if the outside of the door gets wet.

Threshold Seal

A threshold seal is arguably the best type in water protection. If your driveway slopes down toward a garage, we recommend a threshold seal to keep out surface water. Threshold seals can help fill a large gap below a garage door and can easily withstand the weight of a car. They come in various sizes and strengths.

Brush Seal

Brush seals are extremely durable so they are usually used in commercial buildings, in high friction areas, or overall doors that bend and flex. This seal type is less effective in preventing water leaks, yet exceptionally useful in keeping out hard debris.

Reverse Angle Mount Seal

This type of garage door seal is a hard rubber plastic, usually used for heavy steel doors that screws cannot penetrate, ideally found in commercial buildings.

All in all, a properly installed and well maintained garage door seal works wonders to prevent water leaks, keeping your garage clean and decreasing your chances for expensive garage door repairs in the future. Priority Garage Doors will determine which one of these 5 types is best suited for your situation and install the appropriate garage door seal material you need with quality service and effectiveness.

Benefits of Weatherstripping:

  • Protects the interior of your garage from flooding 
  • Improves the overall insulation of your home
  • Keeps cool air in during the summer 
  • Keeps water and rain out during the winter  
  • Stabilizes the home’s internal temperature
  • Greatly reduces the risk of lost energy
  • Prevents premature wear of both the door and the floor
  • Low installation or replacement costs 

Checking the Weatherseal for Damage

We recommend checking your garage door seal’s condition 1 to 2 times a year. Examine the edges of your door, the side jambs, and the areas between your garage door. Take note if you are experiencing one or more of the following issues: 

  • Visible signs of cracking, wearing, and tearing 
  • Feeling drafts of air 
  • Finding puddles of water 
  • Rusted and/or brittled textured metal 

If any of the above signs resonate as concerns to you, the health of your garage door seal is in jeopardy. Call 613-698-2764 for one of our local technicians to come out to evaluate whether replacing the garage door weather stripping is needed and how we will proceed to ensure the weather and critters are kept out, and the internal temperature of your garage is set right.

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