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Garage Door Sensor Repair Ottawa

An essential component of any garage door is the working condition of your sensors. Any malfunction can impact your safety mightily. Garage sensors prevent the door from closing while an object or person is underneath. Therefore, it is crucial to discover if the sensor is faulty before potentially hurting anyone or causing damage. The lights may indicate whether there is an issue, but don’t take the risk of relying on that. If your garage door sensor is old, has been subject to harsh weather conditions, or just needs a checkup, contact Priority Garage Doors to be safe in any case!

Garage Door Sensor Replacement

If your garage door doesn’t open or close all the way, many disruptions can cause this to happen. An issue with the sensor is one of the more common reasons why your garage door may have stopped working properly. The sensors play a large role in your garage door functioning smoothly. Thus, the slightest issue can cause a malfunction and be a great inconvenience to you.

The law requires your garage door to have sensors. There are two total, one on each side of the garage entrance. All modern garage doors have security sensors in order to stop the door from closing if there is a person or obstacle under them in the door’s trajectory. The sensors lower, and hopefully eliminate entirely, the risk of injury, as well as decreasing the odds of damage dealt to your car and other objects found on the way to the door. 

When the door doesn’t close consistently, and the sensors don’t light up, it is time for a sensors’ replacement. All garage door sensors, regardless of the brand, can face problems. Whether these complications are minor or complex, the safest solution is to call Priority Garage Doors for a licensed technician to come and install new sensors.

Every homeowner should understand the possible reasons why the sensor on their garage door is not working. Here are the 5 most common garage door sensor problems: 

Common Garage Door Sensor Problems

1. The Garage Door Won’t Close

If your garage door malfunctions, either the door opens but has difficulties in closing, or the door closes but reopens immediately, something is wrong. In both cases, something is interfering with the sensors and they are reacting as if there is an obstacle between them. Call a professional from Priority to check to see what the problem is with the sensors and get your garage door opening and closing appropriately. 

2. The Photo-Eye Sensor Lights

There are two photo-eye sensor lights. One is one coloured green, signaling a beam of light has been sent, and the other is a red LED light, indicating that it receives it. If something is wrong, misalignment of the sensors for example, one of these two lights will go out or blink. One of our experts can troubleshoot the issue and even determine whether the sun’s rays are interfering with the beam of light, causing your sensors to malfunction. 

3. Sensor Lenses

If you keep your garage door open often, dust and dirt will accumulate on the sensor lenses daily. Because of the miniature nature of their size, sensor lenses easily get dirty over time and will stop sending the signal necessary to close the door the dirtier they become. We can easily establish the cause of and solution for a blocked signal.

4. Sensor Power Supply

The green light on the sensor indicates there are no problems with the power supply. If both lights on the sensors are off, this is a sign that sensors have no power and can’t respond.

This is an instance when it is especially important to call a professional because they have experience with dealing in blown fuses and power outages.

5. Sensor Wire Damage

One of the most severe problems with sensors on garage doors is wire damage, indicated by your sensor flashing red or orange. Wires present danger for obvious reasons, so call Priority Garage Doors to carefully inspect if there are tangled, twisted, or broken wires. 

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