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Residential Garage Door Spring Repair

The garage door spring is located along the top of the door inside your garage. Its size is substantial and its presence evident. It connects the cables that wind up when you activate the garage door opener. Thus, this spring component is essential to the functioning of your garage door. If it becomes broken or damaged in any way, your garage door will not operate properly, resulting in a door that doesn’t open correctly, or not at all.

Springs on a garage door are known to be durable. The lifespan of the average spring is set to last through 10,000 cycles of opening and closing your garage door. However, just like anything else, over time your garage door spring will wear out or become damaged in some capacity. That is where Priority Garage Doors technicians are here to help! Homeowners should hire professionals to come in and service the springs on their garage door. Especially as your garage door begins to age, it’s crucial to take notice of how it’s operating and have it properly maintained.

A broken spring on a garage door can turn into a safety hazard. If you notice your garage door isn’t operating normally, contact Priority so one of our experts can check the condition of your spring, and assess the issue accordingly.

Common Garage Door Spring Problems

A garage door spring repair can be a sudden need! Signs your garage door spring is compromised include:

  • When your overhead door slides down rather than staying at its opening position
  • When the door’s balance is not right
  • When there is an odd noise during its movement

Top 3 Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

  • Wear and tear
  • Rust
  • Improper maintenance

Because the spring system acts as the muscles of your garage door, they are wound tight to bring the garage door down without force, to keep it open, and to bring it back up. If any of these applications occur without ease or with a hiccup of sorts, contact Priority Garage Doors for immediate service. We will dispatch a technician to your Ottawa residency as soon as possible!

Garage Door Spring Installation

Your garage door relies on the spring for your door to open and close. Therefore, if the spring breaks, this can be a troubling dilemma for many homeowners. How do garage door springs work? How do you fix a broken garage door spring? What causes my garage door spring to break? These are all valid questions that are common to wonder when your garage door is no longer opening. Priority Garage Doors has all the answers to your garage door spring questions and can come onsite to save you the trouble!

Our garage door experts have the specialized knowledge and precision tools to replace your spring to get your garage door back running in no time. 

Types of Garage Door Springs 

The two types of garage door springs are extension and torsion. The main difference between the two is the location of the spring system. Extension spring systems are mounted on either side of the garage door track, whereas torsion spring systems are mounted to the header wall above the garage door. 

In either case, garage springs are responsible for helping the door raise and lower. Depending on the level of tension, either high when the garage door is lowered, or lowered tension when raising the garage door, there is general wear and tear taking place with every cycle. Most garage door springs break when the door is down because there is an increased measure of tension when the garage door is in the closed position. This does not however mean a spring cannot break when the door is opened. Therefore, never walk under an operating door because it may come crashing down.

We are ready to help you with your garage door spring. Get a free quote today!

Priority Garage Doors


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Priority Garage Doors is the all-in-one garage door repair service in Ottawa. If your spring is broken and you want a repair or replacement, if you want to add safety cables, or if you want to lube the spring to minimize risks, we do it all! Any concern you want addressed and improved upon, our team at Priority is ready to help. At affordable rates, we will provide the parts and service to take the worry off your hands, and get your garage door opening and closing like brand new. Spring into action if you notice any concerning signs such as wear and tear, rust, or just old age, take preventive measures and give us a call today!

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