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Garage Door Installation Services in Ottawa

Garage door installation requires a great deal of experience and mastery in the trade. Priority Garage Doors is a team of highly skilled technicians that can install or replace any garage door quickly and efficiently. Residents of Ottawa, residential and commercial alike, can enjoy the quality and convenience we provide in all our garage door installation services. Our team members have trained eyes to identify the root of the problem, then with recognition of your needs, implement the best solutions to meet your criteria.

Garage Door Installation & Maintenance

When it comes to garage doors, Priority Garage Doors is a one-stop shop for all your needs. We offer:

  • Remote and keypad maintenance and wiring
  • Hinge maintenance
  • Track maintenance and cleaning
  • Garage door parts and accessories
  • Spring maintenance
  • Wiring inspections and maintenance
  • Pulley inspection and maintenance
  • Motor oiling, inspection and maintenance

Garage Door Installation Prices

Whether you are installing a new door or replacing your existing one, garage door prices vary and depend on a number of factors. Automated garage doors are not manufactured to fit universally, so the door size you need and type you choose will impact the price. At Priority Garage Doors, we can answer common questions about how much a garage door costs and break down all the considerations that affect the price.

Factors Affecting Garage Door Installation Cost

There are many differentiating details that impact the cost of your garage door replacement process. Some areas to consider include:


Garage door replacements are made of different materials including aluminum, steel, vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. Each type of material ranges in appearance, weight, durability, maintenance, and price. Steel doors are the strongest, most durable and most cost-effective type of automated garage doors. Aluminum garage doors are a more modern looking lighter option, but lack durability and are a more expensive choice. Both steel and aluminum can be recycled. Wood garage doors are heavy automatic doors resistant to bumps, scratches and other minor damage, making for great curb appeal, 

Single or Double Garage Door

The size of your garage door will impact the cost of installation because the larger the door means more parts and more labour is required. Generally, there are three different sizes for single garage doors: 8×7, 9×8 or 10×7 feet. Single or double garage doors also have the option of opting for insulation or not. 

Garage Door Opener 

Remote controls, keypads and other electronic door openers contribute to increasing the garage door installation costs.


Homeowners have the option of choosing different security systems including enhanced locking systems and keypad or remote openers. However, adding locking devices and security-designed opening mechanisms will increase your garage door costs.

Garage Door Windows

Priority can add windows at the top of your garage door panels. The size, type and number of windows contributes to the overall garage door installation cost. 


When installing a garage door, the cost of labour includes the removal and disposal of your old door, as well as the fee to install a new one. The size of your garage door will also impact the cost. For example, the work and hardware needed to attach a double-size door to your garage is much greater and more intensive of a process compared to the labour for a single door. 

Garage Door Warranty 

The brand, features, and parts have manufacturer warranties. Most doors come with a 10 to 25-year warranty. Glass windows in the doors have sealant or breakage warranties that can range from 1 to 10 years. At Priority Garage Doors, we will inform you of all your warranty options when we provide you with your free estimate.

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At Priority Garage Doors, we address all garage door related issues quickly and efficiently. If your garage door opener, rollers, sensors, keypad, tracks are in such bad condition or maybe you just want an upgrade, our licensed technicians are ready to install to add security, safety, and value back into your garage door, extending to the visual appeal of your home. Not just in residential spaces, our team of specialists install garage door parts and units commercially for all business owners out there looking for ways to improve their garage door operations. 

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