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Garage Door Remote Repair Ottawa

Garage Door Remote Repair is a important service that we provide. We have many years of experience in Garage Door Remote Repair and can help you with any problems that you may have. We can replace your remote control, or even your garage door opener. We will come to your house and examine your garage door and opener to make sure that everything is working properly. We can also give you a estimate on the cost of the repair. We guarantee our work and will stand behind it. 100%. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.

Garage Door Remote Replacement

Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day at work, and when you go to press your garage door opener remote, the door won’t respond. If you use your garage door as your main entryway, then with this increased frequency in usage, it’s normal for your garage door system to experience functionality issues.

Whether your garage door won’t open as prompted, or it struggles to operate consistently, it’s best for homeowners to call Priority Garage Doors for our professional team to come to your home and assess the situation accordingly. Our experienced technicians can share common causes for why your garage door won’t open with the remote control, and offer the best solutions for fixing.

Common Garage Door Remote Issues 

Whether your garage door remote mishap is minor or a more severe, pressing issue, call the professionals at Priority to identify the problem and return your garage door to its smooth, dependable operations. When your garage door doesn’t open with the remote, it is more than likely because of one of the 6 following reasons:  

1. Remote Batteries Are Depleted

When was the last time you replaced the batteries in your remote? If your garage door opener remote has suddenly stopped signaling for your door to raise and lower, consider the batteries have died. Homeowners have about 2 years on average before their garage door remote batteries need to be replaced.

One of our professional technicians will check if your transmitter batteries are dead by using the wall-mounted control panel to open the door and if the door responds, then dead batteries are likely the cause.

2. Remote Signal Disrupted

The two most common causes for a signal interruption is either one, your remote is out of range, or reason two, the opener receiving antennae is damaged. We will inspect if your opener’s antennae has any axcess debris buildup, if it’s pointed toward the door, and if it’s broken. In any case, we will assess the problem and make the necessary repairs. 

3. Lock Button Engaged

It is easy for your lock button to have been accidentally pressed without you even realizing it when going about your normal daily activities. Check your control panel mounted on your garage door’s wall to ensure it hasn’t been engaged at all. If it has, you can easily disengage the door by pressing the lock button. After unlocking the door, press the panel’s open button to test the door’s operations.

4. Remote Needs Reprogramming

An Priority garage door repair technician will inspect your malfunctioning system, and try reprogramming your garage door remote to the opener machine. The reason being is sometimes, with regular use, the signal between your opener and remote can be disrupted and need reassociation.

5. Door Control Wiring Malfunction 

Our licensed professionals will test the quality of your opener’s wiring by unplugging and disconnecting wires, reprogramming all remote controls, reconnecting the control wiring to the motor, and/or testing the functionality of your door to ensure your garage door system’s control writing and receiver board is working properly. 

6. A Blown (GFI)

A Ground Fault Interpreter, GFI, is responsible for protecting us from receiving any potential electric shocks from electrical devices we use in our home. In the context of your garage door, a malfunctioning GFI would impede the door from functioning accurately. There is a reset button, usually located in the garage, main bathroom, or laundry room, however it is the safest option to contact a professional garage door technician to inspect your system for a blown GFI and recommend repairs or hardware replacement.

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